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CHAMP V Packer

CHAMP V Packer


The CHAMP V packer is a 15K HPHT hookwall-retrievable packer with a concentric bypass. As the tool is lowered into the hole, a J-slot holds the bypass open and controls the setting of the packer. When the packer is set, a balancing piston activated by tubing pressure holds the bypass closed.

Each tool assembly includes a J-slot mechanism, mechanical slips, packer elements, hydraulic slips, and a bypass. Round, piston-like slips used in the hydraulic hold-down mechanism prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole. The bypass allows the fluids to pass around the bottom of the tool when it is removed from the hole. This design eliminates accidentally opening a conventional bypass during circulation around bottom of the packer.

Features and Benefits

1. The packer is used in highly deviated well or where pipe manipulation is difficult.

2. Picking the packer straight up (no torque required) opens the bypass.

3. The tool is easily relocated in multiple zones during a single trip for treating, testing. Or squeezing.

4. The concentric bypass valve allows a larger bypass flow area.

5. The versatile CHAMP V retrievable packer with its concentric bypass is the tool of choice for HPHT testing, TCP or stimulation applications.

6. The packer is extremely durable and reliable with its high strength construction.

7. Long drag blocks – will not function casing attachments, ie., MSCs.

8. Tungsten carbide slip- multiple sets in the hardest casings.

9. Ported mandrel circulating valve for high volume, high velocity circulation.

10. Compatible with other tools – can be run with bridge plugs and drillables.

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