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Hydraulic Circulating Valve

Hydraulic Circulating Valve


The FUL-FLO hydraulic circulating valve serves as a bypass around the packer or as a circulating valve to circulate a well after testing.

When run below a closed valve, the tool serves as a bypass around the packer and helps relieve pressure buildup below the closed valve when it is stung into a production packer.

When run above a closed valve, the tool can be used as a circulating valve when the workstring is picked up.

Features and Benefits

?  Permits passage of wireline tools through its full-opening bore

?  Requires no pipe rotation to operate


Bypass ports close when weight is set down and reopen when weight is lifted.

A hydraulic metering system provides a 2 to 3-minute delay in closing after weight is applied. This delay allows either the RTTS packer to be set or the test string to be stung into a permanent packer before the bypass ports close. The ports reopen without a time delay.

During stimulation work, the latching piston adds a downward force on the circulating sleeve to help keep the valve closed.

Operation of the valve is the same whether it is used as a circulating valve or as a bypass. No torque is required. Weight is applied to close the tool, and the workstring is picked up to reopen it.

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