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Select Tester Valve

Select Tester Valve


The Select Tester valve is a full-opening, annulus pressure- operated tool. With applied pressure, the tool can be locked open and then returned to the normal operating sequence at any time. The ball valve operates independently of pressure changes from operations such as acidizing and fracturing. This gives the Select Tester valve greater compatibility and flexibility with other tools in the string.

Features and Benefits

?  Incorporates advanced materials and processes providing a unique metal-to-metal seal for exceptional gas-holding capabilities

?  Has undergone extensive five-day qualification testing at400°F and 15,000 psi including a 16,500 psi burst and collapse test

?  Allows operator to reverse out/circulate to the lowest point of circulation below the Select Tester valve. This facilitates well kill operations, saving both time and money.

?  Allows operator to run in or come out of a hole in the open position, enhancing safety and maximizing well control options

?  Allows operator to spot cushion to the lowest point of circulation below the Select Tester valve. This improves control of drawdown pressure and reduces recovery of mud and other rathole fluids.

?  Simplifies string design by eliminating the need for a bypass when stinging into or out of a production packer

?  Maximizes flexibility during well kill operations since theSelect Tester valve can be operated with the packer unset

Note: When annulus pressure is applied or bled off to zero, it is recommended operating procedure to wait 10 minutes before operating the Select Tester valve again.

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