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About us

Baoji ENOC materials trading co., Ltd. established in 2008, is the professional manufacturer and supplier of drill stem testing (DST) tools over 12 years. Shaanxi ENOC Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd.  is the group & sister factory which is professional for downhole tools production. Both ENOC companies are same share holders, same production & workshop area etc..

By company growing strategy or clients’ needs, Shaanxi ENOC Oilfield Equipment Co., Ltd. would be the mainly role for world marketing.

About products, the annular pressure operated and full bore type (APR) tools are our advantages products which produce per API Specification. More than 11 years’ experienced technical persons and skilled workers, QC whole process strictly control and traceability, our tools have got the reputation from clients which come from USA, Canada, U.A.E, India, Malaysia and so on.

By the direction from clients’ requirements, started the design & production of PPI Packer, PR multi-service valve, SSTT, Fas Fil valve, Ball valve tubing tester, Easy Drill Squeeze Packer & setting tools three years ago.

Welcome to contact us for further information, and we are ready for serving you as designing or productions.